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Tue, May 28, 2024
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Literary Agent Daniel GreenbergLITERARY AGENT:
Daniel Greenberg
Accepts queries, email
Levine Greenberg Literary Agency, Inc.
307 Seventh Avenue, Suite 2407
New York, CA 10001
FICTION GENRES:  Literary, Whimsical
NONFICTION GENRES:  Business/Economics, Humor/Satire, Popular Culture
Literary Agent Bonnie SolowLITERARY AGENT:
Bonnie Solow
Accepts queries
Solow Literary Enterprises
769 Center Boulevard, #148
Fairfax, CA 94930
NONFICTION GENRES:  Business/Economics, Child Guidance/Parenting, Cookbooks, Finance/Investing, Health/Fitness, History, Humor/Satire, Memoirs, Narrative, Psychology, Science, Self-Help/Self-Improvement, Spirituality
Literary Agent Winifred GoldenLITERARY AGENT:
Winifred Golden
Accepts queries
Castiglia Literary Agency
1155 Camino del Mar, # 510
Del Mar, CA 92014
FICTION GENRES:  Commercial, Historical, Literary, Multicultural, Science Fiction, Thriller, Women's Fiction
NONFICTION GENRES:  Autobiography/Biography, Business/Economics, Cultural/Social Interests, Current Affairs, Health/Fitness, How To, Journalism, Memoirs, Multicultural, Narrative, Politics, Popular Culture, Spirituality, Women's Issues
Literary Agent Martha HoffmanLITERARY AGENT:
Martha Hoffman
Accepts queries, email
Judith Ehrlich Literary Management
880 Third Avenue, 8th floor
New York, NY 10022
FICTION GENRES:  Commercial, Historical, Literary, Multicultural, Women's Fiction
NONFICTION GENRES:  Cultural/Social Interests, History, Narrative, Psychology, Science
Literary Agent Carl BrandtLITERARY AGENT:
Carl Brandt
Does not accept unsolicited queries
Brandt & Hochman Literary Agents, Inc.
1501 Broadway
New York, NY 10036
FICTION GENRES:  Commercial, Literary, Thriller
NONFICTION GENRES:  Autobiography/Biography, Cultural/Social Interests, Current Affairs, History, Multicultural, Politics
Literary Agent Darren WebLITERARY AGENT:
Darren Web
Accepts queries
Donadio & Olson
121 West 27th Street, Suite 704
New York, NY 10001
Literary Agent Simon GreenLITERARY AGENT:
Simon Green
Does not accept unsolicited queries
POM agency
611 Broadway
New York, NY 10012
FICTION GENRES:  Commercial, Literary
NONFICTION GENRES:  Action/Adventure, Autobiography/Biography, Celebrity, History, Journalism, Medicine, Memoirs, Narrative, Pets/Animals, Photography, Popular Culture, True Crime/Investigative
Literary Agent Celeste FineLITERARY AGENT:
Celeste Fine
Accepts queries, email
Sterling Lord Literistic, Inc.
65 Bleecker St.reet
New York, NY 10012
FICTION GENRES:  Commercial, Historical, Humor/Satire, Whimsical, Young Adult
NONFICTION GENRES:  Business/Economics, Food/Nutrition/Lifestyle, Gift Books, Health/Fitness, How To, Humor/Satire, Popular Culture, Science, Self-Help/Self-Improvement