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Wed, Apr 14, 2021
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Literary Agent

Scovil Chichak Galen Literary Agency, Inc.
276 Fifth Avenue, Suite 708
New York, NY 10001
 Accepts queries, email
Fiction genres:  Action/Adventure, Commercial, Fantasy, Historical, Literary, Romance, Science Fiction, Young Adult
Nonfiction genres:  Business/Economics, Cookbooks, Finance/Investing, Food/Nutrition/Lifestyle, Health/Fitness, History, Multicultural, Politics, Religious/Inspirational, Science, Spirituality, Sports, Technology, Travel
Interested in:  Interested in novels that transport him, whether it be into the past, the future, a fantasy world, an alternate historical track, a world in which our world touches another that is hidden or rarely seen, or one which has been changed by some new technology, event, or idea
 Accepts queries, email
Fiction genres:  Commercial, Historical, Literary, Women's Fiction
Nonfiction genres:  Action/Adventure, Art/Architecture, Autobiography/Biography, Food/Nutrition/Lifestyle, Health/Fitness, Medicine, Memoirs, Multicultural, Narrative, Popular Culture, Psychology, Religious/Inspirational, Science, Spirituality
 Accepts queries
Fiction genres:  Detective/Police/Crime, Horror, Mystery/Suspense, Thriller
Nonfiction genres:  Autobiography/Biography, Business/Economics, Cultural/Social Interests, History, Medicine, Memoirs, Politics, Science, Women's Issues