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Tue, Apr 16, 2024
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Literary Agent

Pavilion Literary Management
660 Massachusetts Avenue, Suite 4
Boston, MA 02118
 Does not accept queries
Fiction genres:  Action/Adventure, Commercial, Detective/Police/Crime, Family Saga, Fantasy, Historical, Horror, Humor/Satire, Literary, Military/War/Spy, Mystery/Suspense, Science Fiction, Thriller
Nonfiction genres:  Action/Adventure, Autobiography/Biography, Cultural/Social Interests, Food/Nutrition/Lifestyle, Health/Fitness, History, Humor/Satire, Medicine, Memoirs, Military/War, Narrative, Nature/Environment, Popular Culture, Psychology, Religious/Inspirational, Science, Sports, Technology, True Crime/Investigative
Interested in:  NONFICTION: He is particularly interested in cutting edge popular science (neuroscience, physics and astrophysics/cosmology, evolutionary biology/genetics, medicine, health (pyschology) from experts in their respective fields. Also biography, technology, history, military, adventure, nature & environment, humor, comparative religion, religious studies/criticism (no Evangelical Xtianity!), satire, pop culture, culture crit FICTION: Thrillers (straight/psychological-,historical-, science-, and techno-), mystery, SF/F (first contact and sociological), alternate history (a la S.M Stirling & Harry Turtledove), genre-bending and cross-genre fiction, action-adventure. Big, sprawling, bawdy, tragicomic novels (a la David James Duncan's THE BROTHERS K and John Irving's THE WORLD ACCORDING TO GARP) that capture the absurd melodrama of life, especially novels with a strong sense of place.
Does not represent:  This agent does NOT represent self-help, romance, or Evangelical/Christian fiction or nonfiction