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Sat, Apr 17, 2021
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Literary Agent

L. Perkins Agency
5800 Arlington Avenue
Riverdale, NY 10471
 Accepts queries, email
Fiction genres:  Commercial, Fantasy, Historical, Horror, Literary, Mystery/Suspense, Young Adult
Nonfiction genres:  Autobiography/Biography, Drama/Music/Dance, Food/Nutrition/Lifestyle, Humor/Satire, Narrative, Popular Culture, Psychology, Theater/Film
Interested in:  Ms. Lu is looking for psychological horror, paranormal/urban fantasy, historical fiction, dark literary and commercial fiction, mystery, thriller, and young adult. Historical thrillers or mysteries set in Victorian times are of particular interest. She also looks for nonfiction, including popular science, popular psychology, narratives, history, biography, popular culture (music/theater/film), humor, and food.
Does not represent:  Sandy Lu DOES NOT represent "...romance, high fantasy, children’s picture books, how-to/self-help, parenting, religion/spirituality, and sports." per L. Perkins Agency webpage. The L. Perkins Agency DOES NOT represent Screenplays, Poetry or Short Stories.
 Does not accept queries
Fiction genres:  Detective/Police/Crime, Erotica, Fantasy, Gay/Lesbian, Horror, Humor/Satire, Literary, Science Fiction, Thriller
Nonfiction genres:  Art/Architecture, Drama/Music/Dance, Gay/Lesbian, Home/Interior Design, Humor/Satire, Narrative, Popular Culture, Relationships/Dating, Theater/Film, Women's Issues
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