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Agent Susan Ramer
Accepts queries
Accepts email queries
See 'Submission Guidelines' below
Agency Don Congdon Associates, Inc.
156 Fifth Avenue, Suite 625
New York, NY 10010
Web Site Don Congdon Associates, Inc.
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(212) 645-1229
FAX  (212) 727-2688
Member AAR Yes
Fiction Genres
Women's Fiction
Nonfiction Genres
Popular Culture
Women's Issues
Submission Guidelines Send a query letter consisting of "a one-page description or synopsis of your work and your relevant background information."  You may include the first chapter, but do not send an full, unsolicited manuscript.

Postal mail:  Enclose a self-addressed stamped envelope for a reply.  Include adequate postage if you want your materials returned.  For international mail, use US postage or provide your email address for a reply.

Email:  include the word "Query" and the agent's full name in the subject.  Include your query, and optionally your sample chapter, in the body of the email.  Do not send attachments.
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