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Thu, Jul 24, 2014
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Literary Agent Donald WinchesterLITERARY AGENT:
Donald Winchester
Accepts queries
AP Watt Ltd
20 John Street
London WC1N 2DR, UK
FICTION GENRES:  Commercial, Literary
NONFICTION GENRES:  Drama/Music/Dance, History, Science, Sports, Technology, Theater/Film
Literary Agent Erin HosierLITERARY AGENT:
Erin Hosier
Accepts queries
Dunow, Carlson & Lerner Literary Agency
27 West 20th Street, Suite 1107
New York, NY 10011
FICTION GENRES:  Commercial, Whimsical
NONFICTION GENRES:  Action/Adventure, Celebrity, Drama/Music/Dance, Food/Nutrition/Lifestyle, Health/Fitness, Humor/Satire, Popular Culture, Psych ...

Find a literary agent  Corresponding with literary agents to find the right literary agent to represent your work takes a lot of time.  You want a literary agent to handle the business of writing, but paradoxically, looking for an agent puts you into the business of writing, which steals time from your work and wears on the creative side of your brain.

Recent Updates Rachel Letofsky
The Cooke Agency
Accepts email queries
Jeremy Katz
KatzInk LLC.
Accepts queries
Sally Harding
The Cooke Agency
Accepts email queries
Ron Eckel
The Cooke Agency
Accepts email queries
Dean Cooke
The Cooke Agency
Accepts email queries
Stephen Durbridge
The Agency (London) Ltd
Accepts email queries
Leah Schmidt
The Agency (London) Ltd
Accepts email queries
Cricket Freeman
The August Agency
Accepts email queries

Make finding a literary agent easier  What you need most is organization.  You need organized lists of literary agencies and agents.  Then you need to organize a set of documents to send to the agents—because the type of query they want varies from agency to agency.  And once you start sending your queries, you need to organize records of your submissions and other correspondence. Otherwise, you will lose track of your contacts, waste time on unresponsive agents, query another agent in the same agency and quash your chances, or waste months of time in other ways. can help  Here you will find help for your dealings with literary agents.  There are two levels of help:

Basic Guide to Literary Agents

It does not cost anything to view the guides to agents.  You can browse through the lists of agents and agencies or you can find literary agents using an advanced search.

Standard Membership  To see all the information in the guides, you need to register for the free standard membership.  Your sign-up information is absolutely confidential.  You will not be bombarded with emails from  The chief reason you must register before seeing the agents' email addresses and web addresses is to protect the agents from spam, which hurts the chances of serious writers to get an agent's attention.

Advanced Help for Finding an Agent

Premium Membership  If you want more help in your search for an agent, you can subscribe to Premium services.  You can then access facilities to organize your search, save your time, and make your search more effective.

  • Keep selected literary agents in "My Literary Agents".  Not all agents are right for you.  Keep the right ones in a list.
  • Track submissions to literary agents.  You won't forget who, when, and what with easy record keeping.
  • Store templates for query letters and other correspondence in "My Documents".  Eliminate retyping.
  • Automate queries and correspondence.  Choose an agent, click the "Auto-Fill" button—your document is ready to go.
  • Keep notes on literary agents.  Give your creative mind a break—let your computer remember what they said.
  • Keep notes on your submissions and correspondence.  Let your computer remember what you said and when.
  • View additional information, e.g., the status of your submission.  Organized information will simplify your search.
  • Print or email documents and automatically keep records.  Quit making notes—get back to writing.
  • Track agents not listed on 1000 Literary Agents.  Add the agents to your private list.
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Literary Agent Elizabeth KrachtLITERARY AGENT:
Elizabeth Kracht
Accepts queries, email
Kimberley Cameron & Associates
1550 Tiburon Blvd. #704
Tiburon, CA 94920
FICTION GENRES:  Commercial, Horror, Literary, Mystery/Suspense, Romance, Science Fiction
NONFICTION GENRES:  Autobiography/Biography, Food/Nutrition/Lifestyle, Health/Fitness, History, How To, Relationships/Dating, Science, Spirituality, Theater/Film, Travel
Literary Agent Adam SheldonLITERARY AGENT:
Adam Sheldon
Accepts queries, email
Tennyson Agency
10 Cleveland Avenue
London SW20 9EW, UK
FICTION GENRES:  Action/Adventure, Commercial, Detective/Police/Crime, Historical, Horror, Humor/Satire, Literary, Military/War/Spy, Mystery/Suspense, Thriller, TV/Film Scripts, Women's Fiction
NONFICTION GENRES:  Theater/Film, TV/Film Documentaries