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Thu, Aug 11, 2022
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To verify your position as an agent or a representative of an agency, we will use one or more of the following procedures:

  • Confer the agency's web site to verify your position.
  • Confirm that your email's domain name ( matches that of an agency's web site (
  • Compare your entries with information in directories of the publishing industry.  If your agency does not have a web site, or if you are not mentioned there, please suggest an online directory for verification.

If you think that verification can not be accomplished by any of these procedures, please explain in 'Additional information' how we can verify that you are an agent or an authorized representative of an agency.

Email Notes

If the email address entered here is the same as the email in your public listing, it will, of course, be seen.

If the email address here is different, it will NOT be seen by the public.  It will not be disclosed to any other party.

For automated approval, the domain of the email address must match either the domain of the email in the public listing or the domain of the agency's web site.

Example:  In, "" is the domain.  If the email address in the listing is or if the agency's web address is, approval of your registration will be automated.  Otherwise, verification of your registration will be done manually. 

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